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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Customizable ERP

Our ERP solutions help businesses in better management of different resources for higher productivity and directional resource management for higher yield. We offer quality and international standard ERP solutions for automation of core business processes like Production, Administration, Accounts and Finance, Supply Chain etc.

What is Nirvana ERP?
 A fully integrated ERP system with a whole range of features including:
- Financials
- Manufacturing
- Human Resource
- Supply Chain Management
- Customer Relationship Management
- Fast Implementation
- Reliable and ardent customer support
- Smart, intuitive ‘Reach and Rich’ user interface
- Safe-fail architecture for 100% availability
- Global market capabilities: multi-currency, multi-tax, multi-costing, multi-accounting, multi-organizational
- Scalable, flexible, and customizable for future growth

Strategic Benefits of Nirvana ERP
- Integration
All users will be on a single integrated system.  One-time entry of information is required which then enables authorized users to have access to real-time, accurate data.  Current systems that continue to be used will be interfaced for passing information between systems.

- Standardization
A single integrated system will ensure standardized data elements for management of material records, standardized reporting, and smooth flow of business processes across the organization.

- Improved Reporting
Better reporting structures will enable accurate, accessible, and timely reporting to end-users at all levels.

- High-Value Activities
All-around efficiency will enable company personnel to devote more time to higher value activities like student recruitment, strategic sourcing, contract procurement compliance, financial analysis, and benefit programs analysis.

- Scalability
The system will enable the company to adapt and be flexible to change.

- Information Flow and Workflow
A single data repository will ensure that accurate information is routed to the end-users to initiate actions, approvals, and decisions. A clear and effective transactional audit trail will enhance data integrity. Automated workflow will enhance efficiency in divergent processes and in the transmission of relevant data.