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Customizable CRM & HRM

Customizable CRM & HRM

CRM solution is a vital business solution for management of the most important part of a business plan: The Customer. Customer Relationship Management solutions offered by Nirvana Infocom understand the basic need of quality and organized management of the customers, their details and managing their records with the company. Our automated CRM solutions help businesses in creating and maintaining customer records and sound relations both with existing as well as prospective customers.

What is Nirvana CRM?
- Organized storage and tracking of customer data from one place
- Helps you align business goals across divisions and groups
- Lets you plan better and execute consistently across the organization
- Increases cost-effectiveness through automation of manual processes
- Provides structure to your customer management system
- Increases sales effectiveness
- Adds more visibility to pipeline & accurate forecasts
- Creates a more responsive organization, making customers happier!
- Automates and streamlines standard business processes
- Helps you protect – and grow -- profit margins as well as market share

We also provide solutions for support and automation of the HR processes and data management. The role of our solutions in the Human Resources management is important with respect to the requirement of data management and record maintenance services which provides a competitive edge to any organization. We offer both time-effective and economical HRM services.