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GPS-based Navigation System

GPS-based Navigation System

GPS-based Vehicle Navigation system is a web-based navigation application. It is developed to monitor and assist navigation process and order processing for taxi cabs.

The vehicle navigation system is a highly sophisticated application developed by our expert team of software and application developers meant for controlling, monitoring and tracking of taxi cabs, their routes and services.

A GPS-based navigation system is instrumental in digitizing and automation of taxi services. The cab driver and the taxi service provider remain in constant touch through this system and better communication is made possible. The cab driver can easily view task details, order details, payment schedule and timelines on his small touch-screen monitor placed in every cab. The monitor is a rugged computer interface which provides route details and succeeding booking details for the driver.

The driver is aided with constant live support from the taxi service provider's end and he can navigate distance with the help of avialable route maps helping in finding locations through Google maps or simple maps. the cab driver can also update his status as "available", "idle" or "not available" depending on his availability for order placement and location.

A GPS-based navigation system is an online support system for taxi services which provide live, instantaneous support to the driver with respect to location, order details etc. The GPS-based navigation tool also helps taxi service providers in controlling and managing their taxis and in the allocation of the same among the cab drivers. Hence, it is useful in management of customer orders, taxi services and their routes.